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PRAWO KARNE- Legal representation in preparatory proceedings and defending the case before court (all cases pertaining to penal, penal-fiscal and prison law)

- Representation of subsidiary prosecutor in court proceedings (including compensation cases)

- Preparation of indictments (subsidiary and private prosecution cases)


PRAWO CYWILNE i RODZINNE- Preparation of civil law contracts and agreements

- Legal representation in all types of civil lawsuits and before courts of all instances in litigation and non-litigation proceedings, particularly including disputes over payment, compensation for loss or damage etc.

- Comprehensive legal assistance (including representation before courts) in compensation cases for covering damages

- Comprehensive legal assistance in lawsuits relating to inheritance and succession, including legal representation before a court

- Legal representation in real estate register proceedings

- Preparation of complaints, claims, petitions, suits and responses; objections against order(s) of payment; appeals, challenges and cassations complaints to the Supreme Court; complaints to the European Court of Human Rights

- Legal representation of parties and legal representatives of minor children in all cases pertaining to family law and child custody regulations (including divorce and separation, parental authority, custody, visiting rights, establishing of paternity, denial of paternity etc.)


PRAWO ADMINISTARCYJNE i PODATKOWE- Legal representation before government administration bodies and administrative courts of all instances, including preparation of appeals against administrative decisions and complaints to be lodged with administrative courts and in cases relating to environmental protection, real estate law, land surveying and mapping law, land development, road transport etc.

- Preparation of cassation complaints to be lodged with the Supreme Administrative Court

- Legal representation of taxpayers in fiscal and court-administrative proceedings and filing petitions for individual interpretation of tax law


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